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Released monthly, Songs for a Punk Rock Prom Queen, collect the most relevant up-and-coming bands and solo artists. Earyummy started as an app featuring new music. After a couple years of premiring artists at the start of their career such as Tobias Jesso Jr., Rae Morris, The Wild Ones, Earyummy is bringing mixtapes to iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, Amazon, Spotify and 150 of other streaming and download platforms.


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Fly Moon Royalty, Tiny Deaths, Gulag a Go-Go, Bloody Death Skulls, Detective Agency, Mirror Coat, Pig Snout, Fijords, ever so android, The Chew Toys, NyLon feat. Treeza, Quell, Pompeii Graffitti, yaya club, Beatrix Sky, The Deaf Scene, SROS Lords, Nzca Psych Lab
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Detroit punk from the Sros Lords to the best new music compilation series, Songs for a Punk Rock Princess Vol. 1 Read on >>

Musique Au Corrant Vol. 1

Our mixtapes move to iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal and 150 other digital distributon platforms along with a relaunch of the app and social network for music communities, The Disquo.


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We're in the process of developing a new fully social Earyummy app. More details soon.